Frequently Asked Questions

National Dental Consultants has provided some questions we get asked on
a regular basis. Let us know if you have any additional questions after reviewing
the FAQs below.
  • When should I hire NDC?

    Generally speaking, when dentists know that they need to implement changes into their practice, the time is NOW to hire an experienced consultant. Without the help, costly and time-consuming results usually occur. Together, NDC will implement the ideas and solutions that will best solve your practices problems.

  • How can NDC save me money?

    Numerous opportunities to lower costs exist in any practice. During our initial consultation, we can identify these opportunities in many different areas. No two practices are the same and therefore, a customized solutions package is developed allowing for significant financial savings. In areas where tremendous savings are found, our clients can’t afford not to utilize the type of help we provide—and this does not take into consideration the savings associated with sparing clients personal or productive time.

  • Aside from saving money, how can NDC provide my practice with a competitive advantage?

    Once the initial measurement of operating a practice is in place, NDC will create a marketing strategy that is specific to the personalities of the doctor, staff, and patient base. This sustains the positive impression on existing patients and an external awareness to potential new patients. Thus, developing growth for the future.

  • How does NDC charge fees, and how affordable is the cost?

    After conducting an assessment of our doctors situation, NDC sets a flat fee to handle the project. We evaluate and study all percentages of overhead within the practice while we also study and consider your profit & loss on an ongoing basis. We encourage potential doctors to enter a relationship with us based upon valid information and the anticipation of creating a win-win scenario.

  • What is different about involving NDC into my practice as opposed to 'other' dental consulting firms?

    NDC is owned and operated by an active, practicing dentist, with over 40 years of private practice experience. We make no claims to just “understand” your problems, we “know” your problems, maybe even before you do. This gives us a market understanding and a competitive edge that is priceless.