Client Testimonials

My practice was 3 years new, and I was working 5 1/2 days per week with a new family at home. I wanted to work fewer hours per week and maintain current production. With significant changes in the way I was treatment planning and scheduling patients, and a clear leap of faith that I would be successful working less hours, as well as the hard work and support of my staff, the goal was realized. Since that beginning time, and with continued direction and consulting with Dr. DeRario, we have seen growth from a 3 operatory to a 5 operatory solo practice with a marked increase in productivity each year. It was my best business decision to begin a working relationship with you.

Dr. Mark R. Bydalek, D.M.D.
Stockton, New Jersey

I have been a practicing dentist since 1971. During which time I have taken many practice management courses and have had several private consultants come to my office. None of whom even come close to producing the results Dr. DeRario has. Not only has he increased my bottom line substantially but I have been able to reduce the number of hours that I spend chair side. Through Dr. DeRario’s systems, procedures and policies the tension level has decreased dramatically and the pleasure and joy of practice has increased dramatically. I can without equivocation state that if you are willing to change, Dr. DeRario will be of great benefit to your office.

Dr. Bryan D. Pieroni, D.D.S.
Staten Island, New York

We have been working with Dr. Joseph DeRario since 1998. He has made a huge difference to our practice. Our overhead has decreased, our production has increased, and we are working less hours. The stress level in our office has also greatly improved.

Dr. Paul M. Banks, D.D.S. & Dr. Andrew L. Howard, D.M.D.
Morristown, NJ / New York, NY

I have worked with Dr. Joseph DeRario for over 20 years and when it came time for me to seriously consider working with an associate, it was Dr. DeRario who was instrumental in working out an amiable arrangement for us. I am forever grateful for Dr. DeRario’s guidance, patience and support in this new chapter in my professional life. He is simply the best!!

Dr. Mark Moreau, D.M.D.
Saratoga Springs, NY